“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything” Plato 

We are a small independent Hi-Fi shop based in Manchester run by three people who have a genuine passion for music. Being a small Hi Fi shop enables us to invest time in you and your equipment; be that in the demonstration room, the installation, or providing the best after sales support.

What is it about music that moves us in so many different ways? A favourite song comes on the radio and we sing along at the top of our voices, oblivious to the looks of bemusement coming from other drivers stuck in the traffic jam. The right songs can change the way we feel in an instant. Our tastes may differ but music’s ability to move us on a deeply emotional level is universal. Music can trigger profound memories which previously lay dormant, exciting our sense of nostalgia and creating intense feelings of joy or melancholy. There is something ineffable about the way in which music makes us feel, as if at its most profound level it takes us into the realm of the sacred, where words can no longer do justice and attempts to describe it only sully the experience.

 A music system plays music in a natural and pure way so that you are not listening to the equipment (system) but to a “musical instrument”. The sound should have this “organic” feel of real instruments being played before you. Wood should sound like wood, metal like metal, voice like voice etc. A true music system allows you into the space where the music was recorded. Once your system starts communicating, a whole world of music opens up.  At audiocounsel that is what we sell. Music systems.

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Our range is quite simply the hi fi products that excite us. We listen to a large number of products, but only stock the ones that truly inspire us. This diverse range of hi fi products is permanently on demonstration for you to listen to.

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At audiocounsel we believe there is no substitute for hearing – that’s why everything we sell is via demonstration. Obviously, reviews are a useful means of gauging the industry’s opinion of a particular product, but you must remember these are only opinions. The only way to truly understand the product you are interested in is to come along and listen for yourself.

Demonstrations are conducted in a relaxed environment conducive to listening to music. At audiocounsel we believe that you should be allowed as much time as necessary to find the perfect product for you. We simply ask you to call us and arrange an appointment for a demonstration at your convenience, if necessary we can arrange a home demonstration.

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You may be interested in a product we stock, would like to get advice on the best way to improve your system, or just general information on hi-fi equipment and music. Either way please feel free to contact us.

Audiocounsel at Classic Album Sundays in Manchester

Classic Album Sundays launch in Manchester! We are very pleased to announce we will be providing a full Hi-fi system for Classic Album Sundays at Folk & Soul in Manchester's Northern Quarter this Sunday 19th July! What is Classic Album Sundays? Classic...

Audio Note DAC 2.1 Product Review

Audio Note DAC 2.1x Signature DAC Review We have been telling everyone how great Audio Note are, ever since we first heard an Audio Note system! It's not just us that feel that way, check out what Scott Hull over at Part Time Audiophile had to say when he sat down to...

North West Audio Show 2018

North West Audio Show 2018 We would like to thank everyone who came to visit us at this year's Cranage North West Audio Show last weekend. We had a fantastic time playing all kinds of music over the course of the weekend to a mostly packed out room! It's...

System Setup Workshop

System Setup Workshops   “Music heard so deeply that it is not heard at all, but you are the music while it lasts” -TS Elliot.  A system is more than just the equipment, right speaker cables, interconnects, mains leads and suitable support. Even the choice...

Diggle Blues Festival 2018

Diggle Blues Festival 2018 Diggle Blues Festival has just wrapped up for 2018 and it was bigger, better and bluesier than ever this year! It's always a great chance to catch some real blues music, in intimate settings in the heart of Saddleworth and this year's...

North West Audio Show 2018

North West Audio Show 2018 at Cranage Hall  There’s not long left until THE hi-fi show of the year at Cranage Hall in Cheshire. This year’s FREE two day event will be held 23rd-24th June. Audiocounsel will be playing a great sounding system in the Marie Curie suite,...

Audio Note Workshops

Audio Note Workshops - A thank you! We'd like to say a big thank you to all who attended the Audio Note workshops which we ran over the last fortnight. Some of the attendees came from far and wide, for a chance to listen to a truly astonishing Audio Note system....

Feast your ears on an Audio Note system! 

Feast your ears on an Audio Note System!    Over the last few years we have been introduced to the world of Audio Note. Since then music has never sounded so good! If you love the sound of real LIVE music, we think that an Audio Note system is a must-listen!! Don’t...

Check out our vinyl collection online

Check out our vinyl collection online   We now have a wide selection of vinyl for sale that you can browse through on our website... Click here to check it out and see if there is anything that takes your fancy!...

Christmas Hours

Christmas Hours:    Sunday 24th Christmas Eve: Closed Monday 25th Christmas Day: Closed Tuesday 26th Boxing Day: Closed Wednesday 27th- 30th of December: Appointment only Sunday 31st New Years Eve: Closed Monday 1st New Years Day: Closed Tuesday 2nd:...

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