July Music Evening Playlist

Shake It Baby/ John Lee Hooker/ It Serves You Right To Suffer

Red Sky/ Moon Hooch/Red Sky

Information/ Eliot Sumner/ Information- Single

The Bot In The Bubble/ Paul Simon/ Graceland

The Soul Of A Man/ Tom Waits/ God Don’t Never Change

Something For Lisa/ Chet Baker/ Chet Baker And Crew

Propane Jane/ The Impossible Gentleman/ Lets Get Deluxe

Lullaby Of  Birdland/ Duke Ellington/ Piano In The Background

Urban Control/ Phronesis/ Life To Everything

Call The Days/ Nadia Reid/Listen To The Formation, Look For The Signs

Debussy: Images For Orchestra/ Bernard Haitink And Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra/ Debussy

I Believe To My Soul/ Son Seals/ Deluxe Edition: Son Seals

Crazy Waltz/ Avroshox/ Crazy Waltz

Better Git It In Your Soul/ Charles Mingus/ Epitaph

Cortez The Killer/ Neil Young/ Decade

Plastic/ New Order/ Music Complete

The End Is Nigh/ Verger Pohjola/ Bullhorn

Darkeness/ Van Der Graaf Generator/ An Introduction

Pillars&Pyre/ Dralms/ Shook

Monsters From Outer Space (I Married A)/ John Cooper Clarke/Evidently John Cooper Clarke

Ocean Gypsy/ Renaissance/ Scheherazade And Other Stories (Remastered)