Valve vs Transistor Amplification Workshop

We would like to thank everyone who came to the Valve vs Transistor Amplification workshop, we hope you all enjoyed listening to lots of different types of music and that it was an eye opening experience for you.

Here is some feedback from the day:

“I was the taxi for my brother but I am so glad that I came, demo was fantastic, nothing was to much trouble. Played loads of different types of music. Explained things of interest and differences between valve and solid state then let our ears make up our own minds. Dave did a super demo and Sophie the young female assistant was warm and friendly. First Class!”

“Real good two hours of listening to some lovely gear in a relaxed atmosphere. The audio counsel team was very welcoming and had a wide variety of music. Dave is very knowledgeable and gave us great advice on valve amps. Will be returning!”

“Always a treasure to come to the audio counsel workshops! As we live through the ages sound just gets better, a bit like vintage wine. Refreshing, vibrant and a great delight to listen to. A lot of Hi-Fi dealers get lost in the mist of confusion, Dave sees the light at the end of the tunnel and manages to put a big smile on everybody’s face. When you sit down in a dem you know happiness is here!”

If you missed out on the workshop but would like to listen to the difference between valve and transitior amps or listen to any of our other products Click below.