A very happy customer who has just purchased a pair of AN-K Audio Note Speakers, read his review of his experience at audiocounsel below:

Dear Dave and team

I just wanted to record my appreciation of the time and effort you committed to helping mw select and install my new Audio Note AN-K speakers. You patiently let me take as long as it took- some 4 hours and listening time over two separate visits to the shop- to audition a number of possible speakers within my price range (at no point did you ever try and persuade me to go beyond my budget) before settling on the Audio Notes. You insisted on making the 4+ hour trip to install the speakers at my house, where you and Sophie carefully went about positioning and connecting them to the Naim- based system to obtain immediately stunning results.

Needless to say I am enjoying tremendously having my socks blown off and revisiting my entire music collection to hear it all anew in a fabulous fresh light! As on the previous occasions when i have purchased audio equipment from you, the whole experience has been thoroughly enjoyable, and I feel very satisfied that, with your guidance and assistance, I have ended up with the best possible system for my budget.

So- thank you again! Long may audiocounsel continue to fly the flag for supremely musical hi-fi.

My very best wishes and thanks

Ron Norman