Manchester Stylus Show

We would like to thank everyone who attended the Stylus show at the Manchester McDonald hotel and spa. We had a fantastic weekend meeting fellow music lovers and playing some of our favourite Vinyls and CD’s.

In room 105 we were demonstrating an Edwards Audio TT1 Turntable/C100 Cartridge, Audio Note Oto PP Amplifier, Audio Note AZ-2 Loud Speakers and an Audio Note 1.1 CD Player

and in room 104 with Mario, Audio Note was demonstrating Audio Note TT2 Turntable with IO1 Cartridge Arm 3, Audio Note P2 Power Amplifiers with M2 Pre- Amplifier and Audio Note AN-J Loud Speaker

We hope anyone who attended had a wonderful weekend and if you would like to know more information about the systems being played please feel free to contact us

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