Cranage Hall Hi-Fi Show


Another year of the Cranage 2017 Hi-Fi show has come to an end! We want to thank everyone who came to visit us in our room, it was a joy to play great music on a great system with you.

System Playing in the Marie Curie Suite:

TT2 Deluxe Turn Table Arm3 IQ3

Audio Note CDT 1 Transport

Audio Note1.1 Signature Dac

Audio Note OTO SE Signature Amp (Phono version)

Audio Note An-J- LX Loudspeaker


System playing in Bedroom 2:

Audio Note CDT 1 Transport

Audio Note2.1 Dac

Audio Note P2 Mono Amplifiers 

Audio Note M2 Pre-Amplifier 

Audio Note An-E- SPE HE Loudspeaker




We hope too see you all again next year