Second Hand £695. 2 years old. Retail £1450.

Black and Silver

Excellent condition.

With original boxes, willing to ship internationally.

“I was immediately impressed with the depth, bass weight, and midrange transparency of the B-310. Very impressed. Its stable imaging, smoothness, and sweet high frequency reproduction were real winners.”

“The B-310 was high end and high class all the way. No matter what discs I spun, or files I streamed, the results were the same. Endless hours of fatigue free listening, with enough information to satisfy detail freaks, yet a full bodied, rich sound that would satiate tube aficionados, with the huge plus of super quiet operation, zero maintenance, and superb bass control.”

“The B-310 power amp is an easy recommendation. It is a sweet sounding, solid-state amp, with plenty of power for most applications, maintenance free, with understated good looks in the Danish design tradition. It worked really well with my tube preamp, but even better when coupled with Densen’s own B-200 preamp. I don’t know how you can do better without spending a whole lot more.”

“Sound staging is expansive and the level of detail resolution impressive, even considering the price point. However, it isn t the Densens hi-fi attributes that will stick in your mind after a demo: no, we bet you’re more likely to remember how good the music was, because that’s what this amplifier does. It uses all its hi-fi talents to produce cohesive, musical result that put the artist and music first.”

“VERDICT: This is another fine product from Densen. This pre/power (B-200/B-310) is right up therewith the very best at this price.” Reviewed by WHAT HI FI?

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