For Sale- Hyperion HPS 938 Loud Speakers- £1495

“Let’s cut to the chase. These are the best pair of speakers I have ever owned or heard in a real world environment. Now for the review…

I was at the NY Hifi show in April. I had been out of high-end for the past 8 years because of medical school and all, but thought, “What the hell go and have fun at the show.” Never intended on getting into high-end again. No time and limited funds. Then I walked buy the Hyperion room and saw these attractive piano black speakers that looked like Watt Puppies. Never heard the company before. But the music. I was transfixed. The music just flowed, and I couldn’t get myself to leave the room. There was so much else to see at the show, but I was in the room for over an hour. I finally pried myself from the room to listen to other speakers costing up to $50,000. Well, I found myself back in the Hyperion room again listening to the music. Hell, I wasn’t thinking about the usual audiophile crap like imaging, staging, transparency, frequency extension, etc. They were all there with aplomb, but I was just enjoying the incredible music emerging from these speakers. I returned to the Hyperion room five times during the day.” Reviewed by AA handle MGH on AudioAsylum

Hyperion HPS 938 Loud Speakers are in very good condition but with one or two small marks on the cabinets with original boxes so can be shipped.


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