For Sale- Naim Nac 282 Pre Amplifier- £1995

“This pre-amp was added a few weeks ago and has brought tremendous new musicality to my system. Smoother, fuller, deeper, higher, cleaner, more natural and satisfying.

I am listening to jazz,classical, rock, world, and folk music all of which are just plain marvelous. I am also very familiar with the incredible Audio Note line and have been using their sound as a reference point. The combination of a high quality Naim cd player and pre-amp provides superior accuracy and approaches the pure musical quality of high end audio.

Have fun with what you have and enjoy the music.” An Extract from a customer Review of the Naim NAC 282

The Naim Nac 282 is a classic Amplifier that many of our customers have had many hours of enjoyment out of. It has a NAPSC power supply built into the it. The Nac 282 is in excellent condition with original boxes so can be shipped.

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