For Sale- Naim Nap 200 Power Amplifier and Nac 202 Pre Amplifier- £1895


“They sound superbly rhythmic. Not only is coherence pretty much perfect but the way they handle the speed and flow of a song is really quite superb. Songs seem to have a swing, even acoustic tracks and dynamics are fantastic. From quiet to loud from fast to slow, they can build a track like few others.
They have even mastered the art of separation. Naim amps used to put everything in the middle of the speakers and could sound awful with busy music. This pairing are so much better in this regard, you can hear each element very clearly.
The other plus points are detail and refinement, these are the most refined Naim amps I have heard, bad recordings are certainly bearable. The power amp also does a good job of controlling most speakers.”  A review of the the Nac 202 and Nap 200 paired together- hifireview
Both these Amplifiers are in excellent condition with original boxes so can be shipped
Nac 202 S/No: 222148
Nap 200 S/No: 222470

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