For Sale- Shahinian Compass 2 Loudspeakers – £2200


The Shahinian Compass is a vertical loudspeaker with a diamond shaped baffle.

The enclosure is a rigid pipe with two dissimilar chambers for the Shahinian Compass. The bass loading is achieved by means of strategically placed friction slots. The diamond baffle is ideal to reduce unwanted typical diffraction problems and thereby produce a smooth, uniform radiation characteristic. The one-inch (19 mm) titanium tweeter with neodymium motor is our first choice device and is used in some of our other loudspeakers. The six and one-half inch woofer with a truly extraordinary new hybrid cone is almost spectacular. The filter network, as in all of our designs, is 6dB trailing edge for the woofer and 18dB leading edge for the tweeter. NO ZOBELS, RESISTORS OR SPECIAL CORRECTIVES. The phase is correct and seamless.


The Shahinian Compass loudspeakers are in excellent condition with original boxes so can be shipped.


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