For Sale- Unison Research S6 Integrated Amplifier- £1200

“The S6 produces a very rich smooth alluring sort of sound that we found immediately likeable. It delivers a big weighty sort of presentation that’s full-bodied and solid.

There’s something ‘right’ about the combination of incisive clarity and rich pungent depth it offers. On naturally miked recordings of acoustic music (classical, jazz), it recreates vocal and instrumental timbres in a manner that’s wholly believable and ‘real’-sounding.”

“If you’re new to valves and wonder what all the fuss is about, Unison’s Research’s S6 would be the perfect introduction. It sounds absolutely gorgeous, delivering that sweet glowing richness that tubes are famous for, without loss of bite or immediacy.”- Reviewed by Jimmy Hughes on TechRadar


The Unison Research amplifier uses EL34 valves and also comes with a remote. It is in excellent condition with original boxes so can be shipped.


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