Audio Note Oto SE Line Level Integrated Amplifier- £1995


“The OTO is a nimbly tuneful amp ready to take what you throw at it in stride without a hint of gassing out. Strings and acoustic instruments have a rich decay, gentle, and insightful. Put on some electronic music and the amp is capable of digging down deep and grabbing you by the scruff of your neck. You wonder about bass and treble because such amps have always been said not to be able to cope with frequency extremes. Well, there is absolutely nothing to fear here and it’s truly a disservice that this myth gets propagated. I have owned and auditioned several respected solid-state amps that sounded leaner and lighter weight in the bass and offered none of the three-dimensional organic qualities offered up here. Indeed, I am hard pressed to think of a solid-state amplifier for the price, or maybe any price, that I would take over the OTO for pure music reproduction.”


This Oto Amplifier is 18months old in immaculate condition with original boxes so can be shipped.


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