For Sale- Densen B440xs Cd Player & DNRG Power Supply- £1750


B-440XS- Soundwise the B-440 is the result of Densen headhoncho Thomas Sillesens desire to make a CD Player that not only surpasses the current Densen models, but a CD player that will be a benchmark for what can be expected from CD players not only at the pricepoint of the B-440, but also at pricepoints much higher. The B-440 is transparent, dynamic, precise, engaging, musically correct, with a precise soundstage, and the ability to create a sound so good you forget you are “just” listening to a CD Player

“I have always felt that in an ideal world, I would have a machine for each type of music…Well the B-400 XS went a long way to satisfying all of my musical tastes. ”

“Using it on a day to day basis, I was constantly struck by how engaging it was, regardless of material. The top end was smooth and sweet, plenty of openness and detail, and while being somewhat more forward and having extra bite than the Meridian, though it was never in your face or oppressive.”


DNRG- Densen has added a new offboard power supply to its range. The DNRG  is designed as an upgrade for almost all of the products in the current line-up.

“The result is a upgrade that belies its price, and improves the sound on all crucial parameters: dynamics, details, soundstage, transparency and musicality are significantly better, and [it] results in an even more fluid presentation of the music.”


The Densen B440Xs and the DNRG are in excellent condition not in original boxes but can stile shipped.


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