For Sale- Densen B475 Superleggera CD player- £2695

“The first few seconds of any hi-fi demonstration is always revealing.
It sets the ‘tone’, as it were, and provides an important precedent for your ears. It establishes an immediate personality, in other words. As I span Simple Minds’ ‘Sanctify’, a number of points immediately sprang forth. Firstly, I’ve heard a number of CD players that offer a broad soundstage but none that combine the sheer acreage of the Densen mixed with an intelligence of placement.

There are some CD units that provide you with a massive empty room and then turn to smile at you as if the job has been done, like some aural estate agent, leaving the band to fend for themselves, sitting awkwardly within, not really knowing how to fit into the space.With the Densen, the band had obviously taken a good look at the space beforehand and booked an area that agreed with them because this particular soundstage made real sense. Each aspect contributed positively to the musical experience.

Also, with this epic space, the Densen had an uncanny ability to not only introduce excellent instrumental separation but it even managed to ‘unstick’ tough, associated instruments from each other. It’s all very well a CD player separating the drums from the lead guitar but disconnecting two closely related synthesisers is tougher and could, with other machines, result in a gloopy melange. Here, the Densen performed a surgical separation.Thus, instruments had freedom to build their own character, giving body to each and a sense of ownership for the space that they occupied.”

Denesen B475 Superegoera with Gizmo is in excellent condition, with original boxes so can be shipped.


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