Audio Note Workshops – A thank you!

We’d like to say a big thank you to all who attended the Audio Note workshops which we ran over the last fortnight. Some of the attendees came from far and wide, for a chance to listen to a truly astonishing Audio Note system.  During the course of the workshops we introduced people to some very special high end Audio Note equipment, and demonstrated the differences that could be achieved to get you ever closer to the music. Don’t take our word for it, have a look at what some of the workshop attendees had to say:

The integrated amp demonstration was fabulous. It was the best system I have experienced, and am ever going to! It’s DNA runs through my Oto SE Phono Signature/Dac 1.1 Sig and AN-K speakers, but the finesse and natural ease it showed as it presented all genres of music was outstanding. Truly an inspiration! – John Pattison

Can I thank you for the what turned out to be the best sounding system I’ve ever had the privilege of listening to! The legend that is “Ongaku” turned out to be a real treat. However, massive respect to “Jinro” which seems to get you close to its mentor. Great bang for your buck! – Steven Lynch

On experiencing these pinnacle digital front-ends through the Ongaku it was apparent there was nothing subtle at all in the difference between it and the Jinro, or anything else I’ve ever heard.  The musical experience it created embodied the physical presence of the instruments and brought on the pit-of-the-stomach excitement of a great live performance, nothing short of thrilling.  I struggle for superlatives to adequately describe the experience without worn out hifi cliches but I recommend it to anyone passionate about music and live music to try it. – Darren Kelly

A trip to Audiocounsel was a pure delight like it always is! Listening to Audio Note integrated amplifiers, both a Jinro and an Ongaku, was mind blowing! Next time I pay a visit to Audiocounsel I’m hoping to spend a weeks holday in the demo room! When you hear a system that makes the earth move and makes CDs come to life and gives the feeling that live musicians are actually playing in the demo room, you’ll understand where I am coming from! – Paul Johnson

If you would like to come and listen to a demonstration of some Audio Note equipment, please feel free to contact us. 

Thanks again for the support in running these workshops, we will keep you posted with any future events. The next dates for your diary will be North West Audio Show at Cranage Hall, Cheshire, on Saturday 23rd June – Sunday 24th June.