For Sale- Naim Superline – £1195

Naim’s SuperLine sidesteps both moving magnet and high output moving-coils and goes straight for the best source, the low output moving-coil. There are no switches or controls, but various pre-loaded DIN plugs electrically load your cartridge as you wish. Left out it has an internal light load of 10kohm paralleled by 100pF.

It employs a floating sub-chassis for additional mechanical isolation from the environment and duplicate phono and BNC sockets are provided for increased versatility.

The Superline can be powered from a suitable Naim preamp, or a Naim power supply. Ultimate performance is achieved by partnering the Superline with a Supercap and Burndy cable.

Whilst the loading options were fairly limited when the Superline was first launched, Naim’s clever loading plug arrangement allows for the easy insertion of new load values.

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