For Sale- Rega Apollo-R  Р£295

With it’s slimline aluminium casework styled to match the 2017 Brio – R amplifier, the new Apollo-R features the Wolfson WM8742 DAC as found in the Rega DAC and improved software means that the player is more responsive, with short initialisation times.

The Apollo R cd player encourages you to have a more “hands on” approach to listening to your music, from the moment you switch on and operate the Star Trek Enterprise inspired manual loading lid and pop in your latest disc it draws you in, in a somehow familiar way to those of us who still play vinyl.

The player still takes a second or so to optimize itself before setting off but it is quicker than its predecessor¬† in this regard although the remote is a little…err…..well basic in comparison.

The player is endowed with a solid soundstage and once run in and warm offers a very detailed and open performance.

The Rega Apollo is in excellent condition, with remote control included and original boxes so can be shipped.

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