For Sale- Audio Note Conqueror Silver Power Amp (Ex-Demo) – £2,900

The Conqueror is a classic Audio Note design, which follows many of the criteria that they have always championed. It is a stereo single-ended triode (SET) power amp built using the venerable 300B tube.
It features a Copper topped chassis and a zero feedback single ended  300B output stage which is driven via a paper in oil capacitor coupled 6SN7.  The power supply uses choke smoothed valve rectification (a 5U4G).
This amp is capable of sheer magic. It imbues the proceedings with a palpable air of realism; the resulting soundscapes are beautifully detailed and with well recorded pieces, there is a reach-out-and-touch quality to the way instruments are delineated and projected. Its natural mates are Audio Note AN-J’s or AN-E’s. The Conqueror Silver is a wonderful amplifier.

This Audio Note Conqueror Silver is an ex-demo model, so it is fully played in. The conqueror is in excellent condition. Original box included so can be shipped.

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