For Sale- Audion Silver Night Limited 20th Anniversary Power amp & Audion Select 1.0 Pre-Amp – £1995

Silver Night Anniversary 300B Power amp

Audion Silver Night Anniversary 300B hard wired stereo is our intermediate power amplifier, using the well known 300B tubes or PX25 or even 2A3. These amplifiers are hand built and point to point hard wired (Air Wired©)  avoiding the use of Chinese components where possible. This triode based stereo amp uses no (zero) feedback in the design. The chassis is black powder coated aluminum as is the transformer cover. The top plate and badge are mirror finished stainless steel.

The Silver Night range of amplifiers are the best known of the Audion products, and the ones that have won most awards, notably amp of the year in Japan 2010. The SN 300B hard wired was the amp originally reviewed by Sam Tellig that put Audion’s name onto the map.

Audion Select 1.0 Pre-Amp

Audion Select 1.0 Passive Line level  pre-amplifier is hand built with quality compononents. The chassis is black powder coated aluminum as is the base. The top plate is mirror finished stainless steel.
The Audion Select passive line level pre-amplifier 1.0 is a passive device. Built with 5 line level inputs switched from the front panel, 2 line outputs and a direct un-switched un0attenuated tape output. It is hard wired with an Alps pot fitted and with a ground loop lift switch designed to stop any ground loops.. Being a passive pre-amplifier it will not add hum or tube noise to your current equipment
The black aluminium chassis is designed to match cosmetically to the rest of the Audion range in looks and sound quality, and having the same size and shape will fit in with other Audion equipment. It has been designed for users with stereo or monoblock amplifiers to add more inputs and volume control to their setup.

The Audion Silver Night and Audio Select are both in very good condition, including original box for the power amp.

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