For Sale – Audio Note DAC 1.1 Signature – £1200

Both the standard and signature versions of the DAC 1.1x employ Audio Note 1 x oversampling and Direct From Disc technologies to provide an extremely musical converter.  The signature version employs upgraded components, with Audio Note tantalum resistors and Blackgate capacitors in crucial areas, Audio Note copper foil signal capacitors and a copper-wound digital input transformer.

As DAC One.1x with upgraded components, AN ½ watt tants, Black Gate™ capacitors, Audio Note™ copper foil signal caps and copper wired digital input transformer in powder coated chassis with black acrylic or brushed aluminium front panel. Anode follower no feedback (NFB) output stage. The demultiplexing circuit makes this compatible with 24Bit/96KHz sources including DVD, computer etc.

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