Exposure 1010 Amplifier 

About Exposure 1010 Integrated Amplifier


Exposure have given hi-fi buffs on a budget what they’ve been waiting for – an affordable and pure hi-fi amplifier that sounds almost as good as the 2010S2 and offers an introduction to proper hi-fi.

If you love music, you’ll love this amp. With a neutral, smooth sound, the 1010 is one of the finest integrated amps on the market at this level – quite a feat considering the fierce competition at the budget end of the market.

Exposure 1010 Integrated Amplifier Reviews


“Exposure has dipped its toe into the budget waters with a new CD Player & Integrated Amplifier under the newly created 1010 series […] as a duo the pair would grace any budget system.

For the price, the performance of the Exposure [1010 series] was quite remarkable.

The CD Player & Amp prioritise the most important aspects of musical production […] the retrieval of detail while offering a toe-tapping enjoyable performance.

These are lean & mean products that provide the ultimate in value for money.

The 1010 amplifier excelled, particularly in its upper mid range performance, which was magnificent, lending an almost valve-like response.”- HI FI WORLD

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