Exposure 2010 Integrated Amplifier

About Exposure 2010 Integrated Amplifier


The Exposure 2010S2 amplifier is designed to offer the most fluid and honest sound, a champion amplifier at an affordable price, available in black or silver. With a more than adequate 75W per channel into standard 8ohm speakers, the 2010S2 includes a high capacity transformer, short signal path and high quality capacitors for the purest possible design and sound.

Improved all-aluminium casework and an extruded front panel serve both to control resonances and make the amplifier a pleasure to use. A simple, elegant design with brushed control knobs for source and volume serve to emphasise the fact this model is designed principally to recreate music in the most accurate way possible without unnecessary frills or features.

The 2010S2 includes five stereo inputs (for CD player, tuner, PC, laptop, cassette deck or turntable with the addition of a phono stage), in addition to a single tape loop and full remote control for convenience

Exposure 2010 Integrated Amplifier Reviews

“Having been around since 1974, Exposure have been working the margins of affordable hifi for many years but have struggled to truly permeate mainstream hifi’s collective consciousness to the level of Naim, Rega or Musical Fidelity. They are the UK’s electronic underdog. This has an upside: you are not paying so much for the brand as you are for product performance. The 2010 and 3010 Exposure ranges are hand-built at their factory in Portslade – a grim annexe of Brighton.

A run through Talking Head’s career-summarising Sand In The Vaseline allows the Exposure to really stretch its legs with versatility and dexterity. Here we have a strikingly powerful integrated – little beyond 10pm on the volume was required to take even the Usher S-520 above 100db. That’s LOUD. Despite its confidence with higher SPLs, there was no hint of distortion, just an unerring commitment to a ‘clean’ sound with strong emphasis on separation. On Talking Heads’ early four-piece new wave naiveté, the transparency of Harrisson/Frantz/Weymouth/Byrne interplay is impressive, particularly at the price point. You wouldn’t describe the Exposure as lifeless or flat. Not ever. Conversely, it isn’t a bright or overly studious, detail-obssessed box – its treble possesses a humidity that renders it an excellent choice for brighter loudspeakers. The spritely “Sugar On My Tongue” is conveyed with intimacy, expressive dynamics and excellent textural detail. Byrne’s voice is afforded centre stage.

Strands of instrumental hair are combed clean (of each other) for what is consistently a punchy and exciting performance with a wide range of contemporary music. When tackling the rhythmic jolts of Robert Hood’s Omega:Alive, the Exposure’s resolve means a bass drum that’s toned and never flabby; fast and propulsive we witness a dystopian techno world through the windows of a bullit train.

With power also comes nuance. Know that this integrated isn’t heavy handed with the delicate stuff. Less obvious motifs move forward in the mix, do their 4-4 dance, and then fade back into the background. The listener doesn’t miss a trick.

I failed to find speakers that didn’t marry well with the 2010s2: Zu Omen, Quad 11L Classic, Usher S-520, Hoyt Bedford – it’s a true all-rounder with enough juice for those obstreperous stand mounts. I achieved especially pleasing results with a pair of ProAc Tablette Reference 8 – the Exposure’s smoother, more measured way with the upper-most frequencies kept that enthusiastic ProAc tweeter on a short leash.

Reviewing isn’t just adjectives and analogies. The momentum and rhythm of the word delivery should reflect the personality of the product. In the case of the Exposure integrated, it’s short and sweet; direct and to the point. Succinct. Taut. Clean.

the Exposure 2010s2′s two-step of poise and power began knocking on the DAR-KO award door…”- JOHN DARKO – DIGITAL AUDIO REVIEW

“A fine example of how a hi-fi amp should be – it doesn’t draw attention to itself, it just gets on with its job and does it very well indeed. Unless you seek vast power or flashy looks, this is a prime contender”- HI-FI CHOICE MAGAZINE

“The Exposure 2010s2 CD Player & Amp are energetic and full of sparkle and life, with good attack and body to the sound, too and the results are highly convincing across the full range of musical styles.

this combo really got to the heart of the matter and simply played music that one really wants to listen to.”- TECHRADAR

“A fine choice for a wide variety of musical tastes, which seems to chime well with a variety of partnering equipment too. Add smart looks, a good corporate track record for reliability and a friendly price – how could we not be impressed!

A smart amp that offers very lifelike sound with particularly clear bass and fine imaging.”- AV REVIEWS

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