Audio Note Black Pallas Interconnect Customer Review


Whilst we know the quality of the products we champion here at Audiocounsel, it is always great to receive first hand feedback from our customers when they’re getting as much enjoyment as we do. In this case, we introduced a long term customer to Audio Note’s Black Pallas digital interconnect, and here is what he had to say:

“Just thought I’d give a bit of feedback regarding the Black Pallas cable which I’ve had for a few weeks now. It was very hard to justify spending a large amount of money on 1 cable 0.75m long…..
But, as we all know…..Audio Note equipment tends not to disappoint!! Since Dave and Jimmy demoed one at my home it has never been out of my mind. But, it was only for a few hours. So could it really have made such a difference or was it my eager imagination??
Wow!!! Absolutely amazing transformation of CD sound.
Brass sounds like brass.
Violins sound like violins.
Guitars sound like different types of guitar.
Voices have more expression and are more real.
Sound stage is enormously wide and deep instead of being narrow and constricted and flat.
That digital edge or harshness has gone and CD sounds like the best vinyl in my collection.
There is no fatigue when listening to CD for long periods.
My system doesn’t even need to be played loud to hear everything that is going on.
Everything sounds like live music.
I could go on and on……but the bottom line is…..its just so good and easy to listen to that there aren’t enough hours in a day.
 To think I thought seriously about the cost just makes me smile now 🙂
I am extremely privileged to be able to have a great system and be able to afford one of these cables and now I am hearing what my system is really capable of.
I don’t know what level of system will benefit from one of these cables, but I urge Audiocounsel to get another one and trawl it around all your Audio Note customers and demo it like you did for me. They need to experience it. It is a really big system upgrade in my opinion and is well worth saving up for. It is the very thick icing on the cake!!!
Thank you all for your time and effort over the years in providing me with this fantastic musical system!!!”

Dave Matthews