CoronaVirus and Audio Counsel


We understand this is a difficult time for a lot of people. However, staying in for weeks at a time and listening to records, CDs and streaming…… it is kind of our thing!

Music is incredibly powerful, and it might be a really good way to entertain a lot of people. See it as a chance to dig out those albums you’ve been meaning to give a “proper” listen. We are still open, and if you’re feeling like music is a welcome distraction, give us a call or an email. We know many will be apprehensive about physical interaction at this time, but please be assured we can still arrange a courier’s next day delivery to your door, and we are happy to remain vigilant around you in the shop. We can still offer the finest cuppa in town, and some top notch hand washing facilities (ie, soap and water!). We look forward to keeping you entertained over the coming weeks.

Thank-you for your continued support!
Dave & Jimmy