New Adventures in stands….

Whilst the rest of the UK were in lockdown, we were busy listening to lots of music, just for a change. Something dawned on us…… 



Our Mission… 

We’re on a mission.

To find you the very best music systems available anywhere in the world, at a price you can afford. And once we’ve done that, our mission doesn’t end there.

Anyone can just plug in a new amplifier, or a new pair of speakers – but – in the four decades we’ve been doing this we’ve learnt how to put a system together in order to absolutely maximise the performance of each piece of equipment!

This is one of the reasons we install everything we sell, we want to know that your purchase is performing to the very best it can do. This takes time, attention to detail and an experienced ear. 

Our Newest Development.

We’ve taken a closer look at every aspect of a system than we’ve ever done before.

Something came up……metal speaker stands.

They are what we’ve been used to. It got us thinking, lots of metal doesn’t work well in a Hi-Fi rack, so why would lots of metal underneath your speaker work so well? Maybe, just maybe it doesn’t?

This has led us to designing and manufacturing our very own new loudspeaker stands!! We have our pre-production prototype speaker stands already on permanent demonstration which you’re very welcome to come listen to, and we expect to receive our finished stands in the next few weeks.

Our New Speaker Stands.

The all new speaker stands aren’t specifically designed to work for any one brand of loudspeakers, however they are perfect for Audio Note loudspeakers, specifically the AN/Ks, AN/Js and AN/Es. So far we have ran product tests with a few dozen customers who own Audio Note speakers and their reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. But don’t take our word for it, don’t even take our customer’s words for it……come and put them to the test yourself!

Come on In!


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