iNTRODUCING tHE Audio Note TT3 - PSU-4!

Say Hello to the new Power-Supply

tHE aUDIO nOTE tt3 psu-4 pOWER sUPPLY.

Did you know, last year, vinyl sold in greater numbers than at the height of the 1970’s? The vinyl revival is here. I guess it never went way for us, but that’s another matter.

The point is, we listen to a lot of vinyl, on a lot of different turntables – but nothing has ever come close to the sound of Audio Note’s TT3 which was released last year. But, we have some news…….



the next level. 

After several years in research & development the flagship Audio Note TT3 finally arrived last year – including the option of three different power supplies (The PSU1, PSU2 or PSU3). It sounds INCREDIBLE!

So, earlier this year, we ran a series of workshops at Audiocounsel with Audio Note’s heart & soul Peter & Daniel Qvortrup as our special guests, as well as one of their senior designer’s Darko Greguras where we explored all things Audio Note – and Darko left the event so inspired by our passion for music, he called us a few weeks later having come up with the PSU4 power supply! 

We we’re honoured to be sent the first version of it – and we have it available to demo to you now!

The PSU-4.

Okay….we know… doesn’t look like a finished product in some of these photos – but we have the final prototype here – the finished product looks bloomin’ lovely, and just like the the other power supplies it is available in either Black Acrylic or Anodised Aluminium. 

Crucially, this new PSU-4 sounds utterly unbelievable and, well, you just need to hear it for yourself…….Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the highest level we have heard vinyl perform at! And it’s not the highest level of cost either!! It’s worth making a special trip to come see us and have a listen to this!

Trade up. 

If you are already an owner of a PSU1, 2 or 3, you don’t have to sell what you’ve got, you just make a simple step up and let us take care of your old power supply!

Hearing is believing. 

There is really no substitute for hearing this for yourself – don’t just take our word for it!

Pay us a visit……we can accommodate a perfectly safe socially distanced demo, provide face masks and a cracking cup of coffee! Take your time, bring some records, we’ve got a load too….come and experience the incredible Audio Note TT3 and PSU-4 power supply for yourself!

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