“Music Club Recommends….”

Once a month at Audiocounsel something truly wonderful usually happens…..

A bunch of like-minded music nuts get together to have a few beers and share whatever has caught their ears over the past few weeks. We each play a few new (or old) albums of absolutely any genre, and it’s always received with an open mind!

However you may also have heard that in 2020, thanks to a dodgy bat butty, and a naughty little virus people were no longer allowed to congregate in groups and enjoy such musical feasts. (You might have even seen it get a mention on the news at some point?!) That didn’t stop our loyal Music Club members from listening to lots of great new music, and here are just a few of their wonderful recommendations for you all from 2020…..



Music CLub Recommends from 2020….. 

Rolling Stones – Steel Wheels LIVE 4xLP Box-Set

Martin Simpson – Home recordings

Songs:Ohia – Ghost Tropic

Nubya Garcia – Source

Piccolo – Tender Plays Tubby

The Teskey Brothers – Half Mile Harvest 

Alice Coltrane – Ptah the El Daoud

Bob Dylan – Murder Most Foul

Hugh Masekela and Tony Allen – Rejoice

JZ Replacement – Disrespectful

Matthew Halsall – Colour Yes

Nick Cave – Idiot’s Prayer

Laura Marling – Song For Our Daughter

Art Blakey – Just Coolin’

Jonathan Wilson – Dixie Blur

Music Club…

Whilst there is no official announcement from our highly respected government on exactly when we can start “doin’ stuff” again, rest assured our Music Club WILL be back absolutely as soon as we’re told it’s okay to have fun again.

So, if you’d like to join us once we’re up and running again, give us a shout and we’ll notify you once we’re back up and running. 

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