432 Evo Price Rise

aBout The 432 EVO….


The range of 432 EVO streamers and music servers caught us by surprise to be honest – we had always thought of streaming as a 3rd choice to feed your system with, behind CD and Vinyl. However, the range of 432 EVO music servers and streamers has changed our view….for the first time you can well justify splashing out on a streamer that not only delivers all of the convenience of the streaming world, but crucially delivers it with the quality of some of the best CD players and turntables on the market! It simply needs to be heard to be believed…….


the price rise…

So whilst they are simply the best on the market today, unfortunately like many manufacturers of late, their build costs have increased, which will see a rise in retail price of around 10%. This will come into effect on January 31st 2022. Any orders placed before this date will be honoured at the old price, so don’t hang around!

hearing is believing!

  • If you want to have a full demonstration of any of the 432 EVO products before the price rise comes into effect, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange a demo! We’re confident you’ll be as blown away as we were when we first heard it!


 It is certainly a product of character, and it can be heard very clearly from the first moment. We are at the antipodes of a hyper crystalline listening. On the contrary, here, the timbres are realistic, the image has substance and a real structure, and the dynamics are expressed without hardening the message.

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