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"Music can take you out of your head and into your body and heart, where there’s more opportunity for empathy and a deescalation of the dramas we make for ourselves” - Joan Shelley.

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Our range is quite simply Hi Fi products that excite us. We listen to a large number of products, but only stock the ones that truly inspire us. This diverse range of Hi Fi products are permanently on demonstration for you to listen to.




audio note.

Audio Note make some of the finest Hi-Fi gear on the planet! In over 30 years of production, they have developed a range of products to cover absolutely every element of a full Hi-Fi system. With an unparalleled attention to design and build quality – very few systems can match the convincing “real live music” reproduction of an Audio Note system. 


Specialists in high-end valve amplification. For over 30 years they have ensured customers a top level of performance and excellent value for money. 


Established in 1994, we stock some of their high-end yet affordable CD players. Offering a simple yet refined natural feel to the music and opening up your CD collection – the results have to be heard!

Devore Fidelity.

We are delighted to welcome Devore Fidelity to our selective list of loudspeaker brands. They make an ideal match for low powered and valve based systems. Devore’s goal is to “create products that communicate the life-breath of music”, and they certainly do that. 


Innovative designs and production since 1975, Dynavector is highly regarded as a manufacturer of the finest high-performance moving coil phono cartridges!

edwards audio.

The Edwards Audio series from TALK Electronics is a competitive range of unrivalled high performance products, all designed and built in the UK. Offering at taste of real high-end audio for music lovers at any price point.


Exposure has been perfecting the art of creating real hi-fi for real music lovers since 1974. 


Since 1980, Focal has designed, developed and manufactured drive-units and loudspeakers. They are an internationally renowned market leader in quality acoustic loudspeakers. 


With over 100 years of rich heritage and expertise, Goldring has long been synonymous with all that is great about British hi-fi and is a name closely associated with quality, innovation and reliability throughout the long history of the gramophone record


Moving Coil Cartridges from Japan that have been winning Reviewer praise and awards since their introduction to the UK in 2015.  Offering real value for money in their respective price bands. 


Heco has a long and rich tradition in speaker production. Since the day the company was founded more than six decades ago, it has been committed to developing an uncompromising, high quality reproduction of music in a home environment.


We are thrilled to announce we have started stocking Jamo loudspeakers. They are nicely efficient, so perfectly compliment our existing range of valve and transistor amplifiers. We have, quite simply, been blown away by their level or performance given their relatively “entry-level” price tag…..believe us, they are anything buy entry-level in terms of their musical performance! But, as always, don’t take our word for it – come have a listen for yourself!


Since their inception in 1946, Klipsch speakers have become the stuff of legend. People swear by the company’s breakthroughs in modern acoustics, citing something akin to a religious experience with every listen. 


Leben Hi-Fi Stereo Company is a Japanese manufacturer of tube amplification.
The designer and owner of Leben is Mr. Taku Hyodo who is ranked as one of the best valve audio design engineers in Japan. We have been absolutely blown away by the level of musical performance they offer.

They must be heard to be believed! Come along for a listen sometime?

shahinian acoustics.


Shahinian Acoustics make speakers that attempt to recreate sound as naturally as possible. In nature sounds tend to radiate in all directions from a point. Shahinian have fully taken this on board and set out to mimic it in a deliberate and controlled fashion.



Pro-Ject Audio Systems was founded in 1991, during the onslaught of the compact disc and CD players, with the mission to offer the best analogue experience for reasonable prices. We are delighted to announce we have started stocking a select range of Pro-Ject’s very best turntables at various prices – proving that you don’t have to break the bank to achieve a great analogue system!   



Puresound never fail to make music an enjoyable and rewarding experience, which is surely the purpose of a good hi-fi system in the first place. 

Q-Stand loudspeaker stands.


We are pleased to announce the release of our very own Q-Stand range of loudspeaker stands.

After a period of research and development we believe that we have come up with three sets of speaker stands that offer a superior performance to any other speaker stand we have listened to on the market. Offering an enhanced performance of any stand mounted speaker, and at a modest price too!

well tempered lab.


Their range of turntables are designed and built with one goal in mind; maximum enjoyment from your analog record collection. Their unique designs let nothing stand in the way of you and your music.

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