Audio Note

Audio Note simply and consistently allows you to get past the equipment and on to the more important task of listening to music. This is why they are held in such high regard by music lovers worldwide.

They have passionately pursued the same, simple aim;  To create products that play music in a natural and pure way. The sound should have this “organic” feel of real instruments being played before you. Wood should sound like wood, metal like metal, voice like voice.

Choosing an Audio Note System

It is not necessarily mandatory to compose your system from one level only. Whilst this always guarantees a very high value to price – performance ratio, you may choose to mix components from different levels.

The rule of thumb, is that any given system should be based around the Level of the amplifier and should generally not contain products which are more than one Level above and two Levels below the amplifier used.

Audio Note Levels

There are five levels in the Audio Note hierarchy. Each level is an indicator of the quality of sound achievable at a particular price point. This  wide and comprehensive product range caters for as many price points and as wide a performance spectrum as possible. The aim is to allow customers to select and build systems of superior sound quality and long lasting value.

Audio Note The Most Complete Product Range

Audio Note is also the only specialist audio company to conceptualize, design and manufacture a complete range of audio products. From turntables, tone arms and cartridges, MC-transformers, CD-players, d-to-a converters, amplifiers, speaker cables and loudspeakers. The product range covers a very broad range of cost and performance.

Life at Audio Note

Have a glimpse into everyday life at Audio Note in the video below….

Audio Note Sound 

Here are some extracts from customers and reviewers about Audio Note equipment:

“My first experience with these products was some twenty years ago when I was in the audio trade – with the Oto SE and the early version of the Type E. It was an ear opener for me, having played with all manner of gear up to some of the most expensive or most reputed brands raved by the hifi press, I was not prepared for what the relatively simple Audio Note system was able to do. It just played music in the most innocuous, natural and pure manner I could think of.

Listening to the system today, it was déjà vu! I am in love with listening to music again, not listening to equipment! The sound has that ‘organic’ feel of real musicians playing electronic or acoustic instruments before me. Nothing overblown, nothing exaggerated, just an honest, coherent presentation and most importantly, I could easily relate with the music being played. I can happily listen to the Audio Note system for hours with no signs of listening fatigue. For this is no ordinary hifi system, this is close to what I would describe as musical transcendence!”

“Nothing in the last 30 years prepared me for the sound of these speakers. The sound that comes out from them is beyond my words. It stirs my emotions and it is easy on the ears. It sounded more like live music than any system I had ever heard. It has the clearest, most transparent, most coherent and most beautiful midrange I have ever heard. Vocals and instruments are just there with all their dynamics and with unbelievable tonal accurateness. The bass is quick, dynamic, and so deep it will blow your mind. The top end is just beautiful like real music is. Most importantly, the system let’s you emotionally into the pace and rhythm of the music. It is dynamic enough for orchestral or big band music, and refined enough for a small jazz quartet or a string trio.”

“I could write another two thousand words before nightfall; but none would really add any more insight into what I’ve been experiencing this past few weeks, and let’s be honest, you really do have to audition for yourself to appreciate exactly what your own experiences would be in your own listening environment. I would however suggest that any system utilizing the AN-E’s in particular would not suffer from the usual room related excuses – I mean problems – as other designs so often used to explain poor sound.”

Audio Note Philosophy

Refinement is the central theme to every product at every level in the Audio Note product range. They do not believe in applying bigger, louder or more complex solutions to their products, but seek to establish greater value through better sound. Through countless experiments, they have found that more power does not necessarily make products sound better or more satisfying. Instead, they look for solutions in technology, technique, parts, materials and amplifying devices that can be shown to provide better low level behaviour, as they believe these are the most important aspects. It is a fact that all signals start from silence and it is at the “entry” point immediately after silence that the sound of a piece of equipment is born, so to speak.

We always recommend that you audition any hi-fi system at low volume at least as much as at high volume to see how well it behaves at both ends of the loudness spectrum. Systems that do not retain good bandwidth and dynamic contrast at low volume will always suffer from poor resolution regardless of volume, how often have you found yourself turning the volume up to be able to get a better sense of dynamics?

Poor resolution cannot be compensated for by higher volume, because regardless of volume setting the low level information is not resolved and is always going to be lost from the signal. This is a serious short coming, not just with classical music but with almost all music regardless of genre.



Audiocounsel are pleased to be one of a few select Audio Note dealers in the UK. We have several complete systems on permanent demonstration of varying levels. This gives you the opportunity to not only listen a complete Audio Note system, but also listen to the differences in levels.

To arrange a demonstration of the Audio Note shown here, or any of our other products, please click here to open the demo booking form

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