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Audio Note simply and consistently allows you to get past the equipment and on to the more important task of listening to music. This is why they are held in such high regard by music lovers worldwide.

They have passionately pursued the same, simple aim;  To create products that play music in a natural and pure way. The sound should have this “organic” feel of real instruments being played before you. Wood should sound like wood, metal like metal, voice like voice.



audio note workshops at audiocounsel


We recently held a series of workshops showcasing Audio Note UK equipment. As special guests for the weekend we had Peter Qvortrup, Daniel Qvortrup and Audio Note’s senior designer Darko Greguras. There was an opportunity to hear three different Audio Note systems, which included some very exciting prototype products never heard before, plus some of their newest releases, such as the TT3 turntable, the new Meishu Tonmeister integrated amplifier with their new 4300e Valves and much more besides. Take a look at the video below….

audio note Gallery

choosing an audio note system.

It is not necessarily mandatory to compose your system from one level only. Whilst this always guarantees a very high value to price – performance ratio, you may choose to mix components from different levels.

The rule of thumb, is that any given system should be based around the Level of the amplifier and should generally not contain products which are more than one Level above and two Levels below the amplifier used.

audio note levels.  

There are five levels in the Audio Note hierarchy. Each level is an indicator of the quality of sound achievable at a particular price point. This  wide and comprehensive product range caters for as many price points and as wide a performance spectrum as possible. The aim is to allow customers to select and build systems of superior sound quality and long lasting value.

the most  complete product range

Audio Note is also the only specialist audio company to conceptualise, design and manufacture a complete range of audio products. From turntables, tone arms and cartridges, MC-transformers, CD-players, d-to-a converters, amplifiers, speaker cables and loudspeakers. The product range covers a very broad range of cost and performance.

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