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audio Note M3 Pre amplifier


Audio Note M3


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‘Through the AN system, vocal music in its rich tonality and effortless dynamic transients immediately became engaging and was the predominant genre that I consistently returned to. Never had such recordings sounded so compelling and enticing, which made me realize the reason I was never enthusiastically into jazz singing stemmed from the characteristics of my own audio system. Particularly noteworthy was the timbral totality rendered by the M3. No preamplifiers that graced my system ever approached the same level in the totalities from instruments and voices, whether in a soloist setting or a group. This level of amplification is unprecedented in my system.’

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Audio Note pre amplifiers simply and consistently allow you to get past the equipment and on to the more important task of listening to music. This is simply why they are held with such high regard by music lovers worldwide.
Since the company’s foundation, they have passionately pursued the same, simple aim;  To create products that play music in a natural and pure. The sound should have this “organic” feel of real instruments being played before you. Wood should sound like wood, metal like metal, voice like voice.



Audio Note manufacture a complete range of valve amplifiers. Though there name may be synonymous with the likes of the Onkagu there start from very reasonable prices. An Integrated OTO starts from £1,900, an M-Zero Pre-amp from £1,050 and Vindicator Power- Amp from £2,400.
Audio Note is one company that has never needed to cloud its philosophy in marketing double-talk. Their premise has always been rather simple — directly heated triodes in single-ended mode with no global feedback. They feel, and much of the audio industry agrees, that transistor based amplifiers are fundamentally flaw because they are a semi-conductor yet live music is a linear sonic event.
Simplicity is at the heart of every Audio Note amplifier. They pay homage to the idea that every component exerts an influence on the sound, so they must each be of the very best possible quality. It is a powerful concept achieved through visionary engineering and extensive research and development.
Refinement is the central theme to every Audio Note Amplifier. They do not believe in applying bigger, louder or more complex solutions to their products. Instead they seek to establish greater value through better sound. They look for solutions in technology, techniques, parts, materials and amplifying devices that can be shown to provide better low level behaviour, as they believe that this is the most important aspects.



The M3 is a refreshingly musical thing that brings the same kind of color and drama to preamplification that Audio Note’s more famous products brought to the driving of speakers. It has the option of a phono stage to be added as well.


The M3 takes all the strengths of the M2 Balanced and presents the music with a sense ease and rightness I’ve never heard from a preamp before.


As its name implies, the M3 Balanced can drive the balanced inputs of any amplifier so equipped (although it isn’t designed for balanced throughput: all of its signal inputs are single-ended). Arguably, though, the M3’s greatest design distinction is that it speaks to the world through a pair of output transformers, just like a tube amp. That’s something Audio Note has been doing for a number of years, beginning with their top-of-the-line M10.

The Audio Note M3, is a preamp that all but transcends considerations of timbre and tone, mostly by sounding consistently, supremely right—and then by doing the arguably more important trick of playing music in a consistently involving fashion.