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There are three models of the Audio Note DAC 2.1x;

Audio Note DAC 2.1x Standard

Audio Note DAC 2.1x Signature.

Audio Note DAC 2.1x Balanced.

The Signature version has higher quality parts including resistors, capacitors and wiring. It is one of our best selling DAC’s and we feel it offers fantastic value for money.

The Balanced comes in a full sized case and is quite a step beyond the signature version. As the name suggests, it provides balanced XLR outputs as well as conventional single ended phono sockets. The balanced version has a more expressive, dynamic presentation giving the feeling of being one step closer to the musicians.



the legendary 2.1x.

The Audio Note DAC 2.1x uses the highest grade Analogue Devices AD1865, 18Bit stereo converter chip solely because it is the best sounding available (yes, even better than the 20Bit versions!).

The filter-interface coils / transformers are of extremely high quality, and are custom designed and manufactured in house.

The DAC2.1x Signature also features an abundance of upgraded components in comparison with the standard edition, including Audio Note (UK) Tantalum resistors and Copper coil capacitors used in key areas. It also features a valve rectified power supply (the standard DAC2.1x uses solid state rectification).

2.1x balanced.

The DAC2.1x/II Balanced features an upgraded version of the classic Audio Note (UK) Line preamplifier output stage, using a pair of ECC82 / 5814a double triode valves. Unlike the preceding models in the Audio Note (UK) DAC range, the DAC2.1x/II Balanced features a pair of custom designed and manufactured output transformers. These devices not only have exceptionally wide frequency response, but also just about the absolutely best dynamic transfer function possible.


I was simply amazed at how refined this DAC sounded. So many try to overdo the music by bringing too much detail to the forefront. In turn, they can become aggressive sounding. The 2.1x Signature DAC retained all of the detail without being overbearing or fatiguing in the least. It was a welcome change over the sound of the typical DAC’s that have passed in front of me over the past few years.

Here at the end of my time with the Audio Note 2.1x Signature DAC, I’ll have to admit that I’m definitely going to miss this piece when it’s shipped back. I’ve not heard a better DAC in my system. Though it still isn’t vinyl, it’s quite few steps closer. For those of you in the market for a true high end tubed DAC, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Audio Note 2.1x Signature. – Words by Enjoy The Music.

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