Densen B-420 XS CD Player

About Densen B-420 XS CD Player


The B-420 may look like the natural progression of the award winning Densen B-400+ at least pricewise, but actually it is more of a successor to the significantly more expensive Densen B-400XS.

The B-420 is in all aspects optimised for perfect performance. The Densen design team has focused totally on creating a CD player that not only sets new standards for the price range, but actually plays music in a way that allows the listener to really dig into the music.

Soundwise the B-420 is the result of Densen headhoncho Thomas Sillesens desire to make a CD Player that not only surpasses the current Densen models, but a CD player that will be a benchmark for what can be expected from CD players not only at the pricepoint of the B-420, but also at pricepoints much higher. The B-420 is transparent, dynamic, precise, engaging, musically correct, with a precise soundstage, and the ability to create a sound so good you forget you are “just” listening to a CD Player.

The B-420 has double goldplated RCA outputs, BNC digital output and Densen’s own Digital output format which allows for easy upgrade to separate DAC and Transport, if Densen decides to launch a separate DAC. The digital outputs can be switched off. It also has DenLink for easy communication between Densen products and for use in multiroom systems.

Densen B-420 XS CD Player Reviews 


“this is a genuinely air-guitar-inspiring player and that can’t be a bad thing.” Hi Fi Choice

“Positively speaking, Densen is selling cheats. That’s why anyone who associates their plain cosmetics with plain performance completely misses the boat. Aesthetics and functionality are simply sublimated perfectly to the main task at hand – serving up the tunes with emotion, juice and strong tone colors. ” 6 Moons

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