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The Epic 5 manages to get an awful lot right even before you connect it up. For starters, it’s a very handsome and well-built speaker for the asking price and we love the clever interchangeable baffles. Once connected, the news just gets better. The Epic 5 combines excellent detail retrieval, accurate and appealing tonality, and a fast and tuneful low end. Above all, this is a speaker with an innate sense of pace and timing. Throw in good sensitivity and easy placement and you have a guaranteed award winner.


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The overriding impression it presents is one of cohesiveness across the full frequency spectrum with a very even response from top to bottom. The soft-dome tweeter works well and avoids any harshness or stridency even when pushed very hard.

The speaker also shows a fantastic tonality with vocals and instruments. Plucked strings and piano keys are tangible and entirely believable with excellent decay. Vocals are clean and easy to follow. The soundstaging is also very strong with the Epic able to present even very complex arrangements with a believable sense of the positioning of the artists and the space they are performing in.

The Epic 5 excels is in the detail and texture that it gives to low frequencies; subtle detail that many speakers lose in the lower registers is easy to discern and there is no obvious overhang to low notes even during very hectic pieces, which further aids the sense of coherence. Timing is a deeply subjective area, which people place different emphasis on, but it is fair to say the Epic is extremely good at it.

Above all, the Epic 5 never fails to sound involving and entertaining. This is a very easy speaker to live with and enjoy sonically and one of the most enjoyable sub-£1,000 designs we have seen in a while. When you combine this with its good looks, excellent build quality and unfussy placement, the Epic 5 has to be considered a worthy spiritual successor to the ES models of old and we have no hesitation in recommending it.




I have nothing but admiration for the way these speakers have been engineered and voiced, because it has resulted in outstandingly good sound quality, truly extended bass, and a stereo sound-field that is so deep—and so wide—that it simply must be experienced to be believed: At this price-point, I don’t think I’ve heard its like before. What can I say? Wow!

If I were to play that ‘describe the sound in a single word’ parlour game with the Epic 5s, I’d say that single word would most definitely be ‘smooth.’ And if I were to add yet another descriptor, ‘mellow’ would be the second word that came to mind. I don’t know who was responsible for ‘voicing’ the Epic 5s, but it’s obvious that the ears of whoever did were steeped in the traditions of the greatest ‘British’ loudspeakers.

However, if you’re now thinking that the sound is ‘typical’ British, you’d be wrong, because despite being smooth and mellow, it does not achieve this by being laid back. Instead, there’s a dynamic ‘punch’ to the sound, particularly across the midrange, that ensures that the sound is at the same time vibrant and exciting, with a real ‘you are there’ presence that will have you tapping your toe in no time at all. Although all this was clearly and audibly evident when I listened to the Epic 5s, I couldn’t help but think as I was listening that what I was hearing was contradictory, that you generally get ‘sweet and mellow’ or ‘dynamic and punchy’, and that the one contra-indicated the other, rather than the both at the same time. So, whereas it used to be that you could choose ‘either the one or the other’, it now seems that we can have our aural cake and eat it too!

There’s even more good news, because I’ve left the best until last. The stereo imaging of these speakers is to die for… jawdroppingly good. And combined with all the Epic 5’s other attributes, it means that when you’re sitting in the ‘sweet spot’ in front of the speakers, it’s as if you’re in the best seat in the house, with the musicians spread right across the stage, side-to-side and front-to-back so you can ‘hear’ where every one is located so clearly that you can visualise them in your mind’s eye. There’s even image height as well, so when a trumpeter stands up to take a solo, you can hear the sound source move upwards. That’s unheard-of performance in a sub-$2,000 pair of speakers.





Epos Acoustics just makes loudspeakers. And they face the perennial challenge of the speaker designer — how to achieve the best possible sound quality at a given price. It’s not hard to make a great loudspeaker if you have a limitless budget. Creating a range that excels at each price-point is rather harder.

The boffins at Epos have been burning the candle late into the night over the last year to develop a completely new range of speakers. The result is the new Epic range, which redefines the benchmark for what can be achieved with modern materials and computer aided design. Epic speakers bear little similarity to earlier Epos models.

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The Epic 5 is the elegant floor-standing model in this new range of loudspeakers from Epos. This 2 1/2 way design holds true to Epos’s purist principles of simple crossover, well-behaved drive units and clean understated aesthetics yet delivers a big-speaker performance way above its price point

The aim was to produce speakers with such qualities that regardless of price, they could be matched with the best. Epos has developed all new drive units in three sizes together with crossovers voiced for a more sensitive and bolder sounding speaker range – as you would expect from this highly respected British company.

The cosmetic harks back to the early 80’s roots of the Epos brand, but the distinctive removable front carries no screws or grille fixings to clutter its elegant lines. Instead, the front baffle could be seen to be a cosmetic trick to hide the drive units which are mounted conveniently on a sub panel that contains all the screws and fixings, thereby leaving the front clear.

For those who need or want a grille, to cover the moving parts and to prevent small children or animals from causing damage, the Epic range comes complete with a replacement grille panel that is optimised to cover only the drive units and therefore avoids the common problem of degrading the sound quality when running with grilles on. To fit the grille, the baffle needs to be removed and Epos provides a somewhat ingenious device to accommodate this.[/EXPAND]




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