“Good hi-fi is all about hair-raising and spine-tingling listening experiences.” John Farlowe -founder of Exposure Electronics

Exposure Electronics Sound

The signature Exposure Electronics sound, is something else. There is a delicacy in the upper ranges and openness in the mid range, underpinned by deep yet agile bass that “dances” along. Hi-fi critics have praised Exposure Electronics for offering “rightness” in sound as well as the best of both worlds – in terms of the speed and precision of the best solid state designs flavoured with a touch of the “sweetness” of valves. So, to put it simply, the engineering and design philosophy is to make hi-fi that gets on with the task of reproducing the right sounds while fading into the background.

This is cool, since most people prefer to listen to their music rather than the hi-fi.

Exposure Electronics Dealers

To “expose” yourself and hear the difference, pick out a few of your favourite CDs and pay a visit to audiocounsel. Exposure Electronics are very particular about their dealers. They ensure dealers are specialist shops run by people who know a thing or two about the complex relationship between people and hi-fi.

At audiocounsel we stock the entry- level 1010 to the 2010-S2. The price should be as pleasantly surprising as the sound. As mentioned earlier, Exposure has been making real world hi-fi at real world prices since 1974. Actually, most people who invest in an Exposure system will not be worrying about their hi-fi for quite a while. They will be too busy investing in new music to listen to.