Exposure 2010 CD Player

About Exposure 2010 CD Player


A simple, elegant design with reassuringly solid buttons serve to emphasise the fact this model is designed principally to recreate music in the most accurate way possible without unnecessary frills.

Features include a very high quality DAC (digital to analogue converter) that offers excellent conversion of digital information into sound with the highest possible levels of detail and realism. A purist design is followed throughout with separate power supply windings for CD mechanism and audio sections along with the shortest possible signal path. The display can even be turned off completely to reduce power usage for the best possible sound quality.

Exposure 2010 CD Player Review

“Best Buy”- HI FI CHOICE

“Looks and features are old-school to perfection, but the sound is bang-up-to-date from this 2010 combo.”

“This combo really got to the heart of the matter and simply played music that one really wants to listen to.”

“The Exposure 2010s2 CD Player & Amp are energetic and full of sparkle and life, with good attack and body to the sound, too and the results are highly convincing across the full range of musical styles.”- TECHRADAR

“The 2010S CD player is up there with the best in its class. Fabulous treble, great dynamics and a weighty yet solid bottom-end make for a superb CD player.”- WHAT HI FI?

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