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Founded at the beginning of the 1980 in Saint Etienne Focal JMLab started life in a small workshop, within a precision engineering firm. The fledging company had a workforce of just two people including the current chairman & CEO Jacques Mahol a trained engineer & specialist in drive units.

The first drive units developed in this workshop quickly won international acclaim thanks to the originality of their design.  Thirty years later, the company has grown from strength to strength. Focal allies passion, tradition & technological perfection bringing you optimal solutions for ultimate listening pleasure.



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focal history.

Since 1980, Focal has designed, developed and manufactured drive-units and loudspeakers. They are an internationally renowned market leader in quality acoustic loudspeakers.

Over the years, several legendary models and series have appeared and led the way to greater success and prestige. One of the world’s best and most expensive loudspeakers, the Grande Utopia Be is made by Focal. This speaker alone created a worldwide shock that catapulted Focal into history as the most innovative loudspeaker brand on the planet.


research and development.

Innovation, design and industrialisation continue a tradition where skilled handwork remains an essential element of their products, which are manufactured at their factory in France. All the speakers are made by Focal in its French factories, as are the drive units, at a time when so many other famous names have outsourced production in the quest for cost-savings.

That should really come as no surprise. Focal has built up its not inconsiderable business by investing heavily in research, development and manufacturing, not only making its speakers but also producing most of the components for them in-house.

smart investment.

Focal believe that to push limits is the only possible avenue to innovation and that all that belongs to the domain of the impossible simply represents a challenge.

They sound good, they are very good value for money and when you come to upgrade everyone has heard of them and you get a good price!

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