Pure Sound 

About Pure Sound 

Pure sound is the creation of Guy Sargeant’s innovative mind. Simply put, they never fail to make music an enjoyable and rewarding experience, which is surely the purpose of a good hi-fi system in the first place.

The depth of products that Pure sound offer is wide, starting with the delightful A10 integrated amplifier with its’ sweet sound EL34 derivative, through to the superbly musical and throughly engaging 2A3 which delivers music with vevre and realism way beyond its cost.

Powerful enough to work well with less efficent speakers, the A10 will drive more traditional speakers with ease as well as the more efficent dual concentric’s and horn loaded driver style speakers thus giving more choice to the discerning enthusiast when selecting their amplification

The end result of Guy’s hard word is a range of amplifiers capable of reproducing the full measure of instrument tone with extraordinary dynamic contrast, energy and colour in a very enjoyable and relaxed manner.