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Revolver Cygnis

Revolver Cygnis



“I cannot begin to express to you the sense of marvel and absolute surprise I had when hearing the Cygnis.” Stereo Times

“While listening to Tom Barabas’ beautifully recorded Canon in D from his “Classical Healing” CD, I was reminded why I love classical music. Granted this is more contemporary than Mozart or Weigner, nonetheless I was translated into another space and time. It’s a simple melody performed with just piano and strings, reminiscent of chamber music.” Stereo Times

“With the Cygnis’ hypontic touch, Canon In D possessed a level of purity, transparency and depth all at once. When I closed my eyes, I felt like the musicians where sitting front and centre, there was an improved sound stage with respectable doses of front to back layering.” Stereo Times

“It was interesting to hear how the Cygnis was able to play Lonnie’s electronic synthesizer with an unbridled sense of intensity and rightness. A rare combination indeed. Moreover, a new sense of effortlessness, preciseness and dynamic scale was evident in a way I’ve not experienced before in my home. The Cygnis’ bass reproduction was richer in scale and weight – thanks to its remarkably tight and tuneful, yet soulful, bass enclosure. This accurate bass reproduction allowed me to hear much more easily into the rest of the frequency range.” Stereo Times

“Lastly, I pulled out the late, great Morgana King’s “A Taste Of Honey” CD. I was floored by Morgana’s slow and styled phrasing. She’s never sounded better! The title song sounded so much more “there” and closer to what I could only describe as “the real thing.” For the first time, I could hear Morgana, ever-so slightly channeling her breaths between notes. Some of the older recording engineers really knew their stuff.” Stereo Times

“The Revolver Cygnis’ sonic capabilities disarmed this listener to such a degree that I felt it is one of the “great unsung” full-range loudspeakers available. This product speaks more to the heart than the head. The Revolver Cygnis loudspeaker has become my new benchmark in the below $15,000 category. I fell so in love with its intense musicality that I was going through separation anxiety at the thought of returning them. And I ended purchasing the review pair as my new reference. Need I say more?” Stereo Times

“Not only was it incredibly spacious, but the space around each orchestral section was well layered and full of air. Individual instruments such as tympani, snare drums, orchestral chimes and even triangles were all easily identifiable as to location within the orchestra, and that includes height.” Stereo Mojo

“More importantly (to me anyway), is that at no time there was any sense that music was emanating from a couple of boxes. The speakers absolutely disappeared. For me, if they don’t, I don’t care how good everything else is. I want to listen to music, not speakers” Stereo Mojo


Good music has a beauty that challenges the intellect and enriches the soul. Recreating the power, subtlety, emotion and colour of a live performance requires an exceptional loudspeaker system.
Cygnis such a loudspeaker

Each aspect of the design has been chosen to preserve those timbral and rhythmic elements of music that convey the composer’s intent and the virtuosity of the performance. Although its form is derived
from its function Cygnis is a graceful elegant design with classic flowing lines.
Its broad compatibility allows it to be incorporated within a variety of systems and environments where it will faithfully recreate musical performances exactly as they were recorded.

The melody and associated harmonies are amongst the key elements of music. Whether these are carried by voices or instruments their
rendition requires accurate, uncoloured drivers working in inert enclosures.

The Cygnis uses a dedicated 130mm midrange drive unit featuring a woven glass fibre diaphragm and powerful double magnet mounted on a cast alloy chassis. This operates within a sealed, precision moulded, laminated composite housing which provides optimal loading throughout this critical range without contributing its own acoustic signature.

The clarity and realism this affords has to be heard to be believed.

High frequencies are handled by a custom designed 26mm aluminium dome tweeter offering extended response to above 30KHz. amongst the key elements of music

A separate, fully braced enclosure houses the substantial 254mm bass driver which also features a cast alloy vented chassis and double magnet. The diaphragm movement is controlled by bass reflex loading with a low noise
vent exiting on all four sides of the cabinet. The geometry of this cabinet and the precise location of the bass driver within it takes into account the additional loading provided by the floor and guarantees extremely accurate low frequency performance in any room.

Few other loudspeakers are correctly configured in this way.


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