Shahinian Larc Loudspeaker

About Shahinian Larc Loudspeaker


Richard Shahinian’s main philosophical point regarding loudspeaker design, which permeates throughout his speaker designs, is that of musical waveshapes. “Since all sonic wave forms [ie, from musical instruments] are radial in origin,” you need to reproduce the music in the same way.

Shahinian build poly-directional dynamic loudspeakers featuring unusual geometry. Each product has an individual identity and voice. Most of us are familiar with traditional point-source loudspeakers. These use forward facing drivers (tweeters and woofers) designed to be aimed at your listening position. This directionality creates a clear stereo effect, often referred to as ‘the sweet spot.’ Poly-directional speakers don’t produce a sweet spot, but instead radiate a spherical sound pattern (imagine ripples on a pond). This sonic trick is achieved by having speaker drivers which face in multiple directions.

The results are simply stunning, but let’s not just hear what we think of them. Here’s what Malcom stewart has to say about the Shahinian Compass; “what is harder to articulate, but which represents the most crucial factor, is the Shahinians’ ability to knit all the instruments’ and players’ individual sounds and performances together so compellingly and utterly persuasively, something it does with ease and completely without artifice. If one listens to many hi-fi components, one often detects a quality that can only be described as plasticky; they create a sense that one is definitely listening to a CD or LP, an artificial and mechanical fabrication of the original performance. The Compass comes tantalisingly close to allowing one to suspend disbelief utterly and allow oneself to accept as true, if only for a fleeting moment or several, that the musicians are actually with you in the room”

The design for Shahinian’s new loudspeaker, the Larc, was conceived some 27 years ago by Dick Shahinian. But the correct bass driver has eluded him all this time. Talk about being patient and not compromising your goals.

The Larcs, (aptly named Little Arc) is a new floorstand speaker with rather petite dimensions (33 * 15 * 22 cm) It offers staggering performance for someone who doesn’t want a large loudspeaker. I’ve had these speakers hooked up to my system and the music just pours from the petite boxes.

Shahinian Larc Loudspeaker Review


” And now we’re getting close to what the Arc is all about. Unfailingly musical in a genuinely undemonstrative way, this loudspeaker simply allows music to speak for itself. It is remarkably adept at filling space in a way that could be mistaken for the performer or group playing at the time, be it Suzanne Vega singing in Tom’s Diner or the massive augmented orchestral and vocal forces that come together in Mahler’s orgasmic 8th symphony. “