Well Tempered Turntables

About Well Tempered 


Well Tempered Arms and Tables are designed for the discriminating music lover who recognizes that LPs are still rich in musical treasures. The simplicity and reliability of Well Tempered products will extend LP listening pleasure for many years to come. Well Tempered Lab manufactures the quietest, most musical turntables available. Your vinyl will never sound quite the same again! Their turntables are more than just record players. They reproduce the nuances and details found in analogue records which many audiophiles believe have been lost in today’s digital recordings.

If you share our love of analogue, or just want to find out what makes us believe these are the finest turntables on earth, then call in and have a listen. At Audiocounsel we are pleased to stock the Simplex, Amadeus GTA & Versalex.

Views on Well Tempered Products


“The Simplex is ultimately an extremely focussed, coherent and superb sounding piece of audio gear at a compelling price.

The Simplex drew me in every time and made it impossible to tune the music out – the detail, the rollicking rhythm and musicality combine with the openness and spaciousness to create a level of enjoyment that doesn’t quite seem feasible at the price.

This deck has enough drive to get me off my butt and into an air guitar and air drumming frenzy, and that is saying something.

The Simplex grabbed me over and over, not merely with the sheer quality of the sonics but at the overall value for money I was hearing”.-WITCHDOCTOR.CO.NZ

“The Versalex has a knack for getting music out of the groove in an effortless, yet gripping fashion.

It’s the sort of sound that encourages you to wind up the level and rifle through the record collection.

This turntable does three dimensionality & soul as well as it does timing and Richie Lee Jone’s voice sent tingles down my spine as she sang There Goes My Baby.

When you let Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard strut their stuff in the style they had in the day. I’m talking about the album Tres Hombres and the track La Granga, seemingly simple, gritty blues played in the down and dirty style that only ZZ Top could do. The timing is locked down tight so Gibbons’ righteous guitar playing can cut loose and lay down the jam.

Spinning an original zip front copy of Sticky Fingers that’s really too worn revealed pretty much all the glory of Keith Richards’ spare, biting riff alongside the richness of the funky swampy sound of the keyboards and sax at the end. Delivering it in such a fashion that you merely sit and listen.”- HI FI CHOICE. JASON KENNEDY