Zu Audio

“High end audio companies like to claim that they create speakers that don’t sound like any other. Usually, such assertions are just talk. But Utah based Zu Audio breaks almost every rule of speaker design.” (Steve Gutternberg)

The secret lies in their design. All Zu Audio speakers feature a 10.3″ full-range driver that covers bass, mid and well up into the treble range. In addition they don’t use a complex cross over network. The inherent problem with multi-way speakers is that they slice and dice the audio signal with the hope that it can be reconstituted in the listening room. Instead Zu use an almost direct – coupled approach which yields major sonic dividends in the critical mid range region.

The results are sensational!! Not only are they one of the most enjoyable speakers I’ve listened to in a long time, but they also look amazing. With Zu, voices sound human, instruments are genuine, and impact and resolution of musical details are consistent from extended treble right through to deep bass. These speakers really rock!

Importantly, they don’t cost the earth. Zu products offer sincere value and are priced to reflect genuine economics.

Zu Dealers

Zu has just celebrated it’s 10th anniversary in 2010, and here at audiocounsel we believe it is the start of a very special company. Audiocounsel is extremely excited about this unique brand from America and is pleased to be the only dealer in the UK to stock their products. At present we stock the Omen, the Omen Defintion & Omen Defintion Mk. IV. Enjoy reading about the products and the relevant reviews, but remember to call in to listen to these products.