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Hana – Moving Coil Cartridges from Japan. Hana – 華 (hana means “brilliant and gorgeous” in Japanese). The Hana low and high output moving coil cartridge ranges have been winning Reviewer praise and awards since their introduction to the UK in 2015.  Indeed, there is world-wide praise from Reviewers, Hi-Fi Dealers and Customers for these supremely insightful and musical cartridges … offering real value for money in their respective price bands



hana history.

Manufactured by Excel Sound Corporation, a 50 year old company based in Tokyo, who specialise in the maunufacture of moving coil cartridges (with particular expertise in high output MC cartridges) and the supply of OEM cartridge parts and OEM finished cartridges. They are perhaps known as one of those highly specialised but slightly underground Japanese companies – who certainly will not reveal which cartridge brands they have manufactured for over the years.


Moving coil.

Hana MC Phono Cartridges use high rigidity aluminium cantilevers and cross-shaped armatures, providing a ‘brilliant and gorgeous’ sound at competitive price points for Moving Coil (MC) Cartridges offering these levels of sound quality.


the hana range.

The Hana MC cartridge range now comes in three different styli designs.  The new top of line “ML” and “MH” range, with its nude natural diamond Micro-line stylus design, also has many further improvements to establish it as the highest musical performer in the range.

The high performance Hana S range “SH” and “SL” cartridges use a nude natural diamond Shibata-stylus, capable of excellent high frequency response, giving super transparency and brilliant trackability.There is also a MONO “S” version, the SLM, that offers the best sound quality when playing mono records. 

The lower cost E range “EH” and “EL” cartridges (same two High and Low output options as the “S” range) come with a synthetic Elliptical diamond styli, but nonetheless offer a highly competitive quality sound, referenced against similar priced cartridges.

All the Hana cartridges are praised for offering low surface noise in use.


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