Bespoke HiFi Installation Service

We believe the way a HiFi system is set up is integral to the performance of the system itself. Over the course of almost four decades of business we have been installing systems in our customer’s homes to maximise the musical value of the products we sell. We are passionate about supporting your purchase with the very best after sales service around!

Along the way we have learnt a lot about the way a HiFi system reacts to certain rooms and how to get the very best out of your listening room. When you purchase a system from us, we provide this service absolutely free of charge as we want you have the same enjoyment that we get out of music!

Installation Service

We do not just sell boxes!

Most of our customers are very capable of plugging in say, an amplifier, and it will work just fine. However, we have been installing bespoke HiFi Systems in our customer’s homes since 1983 and we believe we have learnt one or two things along the way to maximise the performance of the equipment we sell, which we would love to be able to pass on to you.

 Research & Development

Our dedication to our customers starts before you even come to visit the shop or have a demo! Due to the vast amount of products and gizmos now available in the world of HiFi, we are constantly listening to “system enhancing” products. Quite often, we find many of these enhancements to be not only expensive, but also to be purely snake-oil. That is not our business! Some of the most profound System Set-Up and Installation techniques we can introduce to your system are quite often the very cheapest available. Price is not always a guarantee of quality! We will do our best to protect you from making costly purchases that may in fact be detrimental to the performance of your system.

More than Miles….

We build strong relationships with many of our customers, who have trusted us for decades. Because we want you to trust us with your system, we are more than happy to travel out to you! We have customers all over the UK, from Scotland and Northen Ireland, to London. It would be much easier to post you a system to set-up yourself. But easy isn’t what we want. We want the knowledge that we got the very best out of your purchase for you! We need to know that your system is performing as we would expect it to. That is why we go the extra mile!

HiFi System Installations…..

We’ve lost count of how many system installations we have done over the years, but here are a few examples of the kind of installs we have done recently…….

To discuss our Installation Service further, or to arrange a demo of any of the products we sell, please click here and fill in the form. We will get back to you asap. HiFi Installation Service

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