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Like everything we stock here at Audiocounsel, we only do it if we truly love the product – and the range of Leben amplifiers we are thrilled to have started stocking are no exception! They just deliver real, live sounding music in your system. Hearing is believing. 



Leben History…

The Leben Hi-Fi Stereo Company is a small specialty company in Amagasaki, Japan, with a very enthusiastic following among Japanese music lovers.

Let me introduce you to Mr. Taku Hyodo, the founder of the Leben Hi-Fi Stereo Company. Prior to founding Leben, Hyodo San designed premium valve electronics for Luxman, and occasionally made custom valve amplifiers for his own use, and for a few good friends. Hyodo San’s friends loved his amplifier designs and encouraged him to start his own audio company, and as a result of their encouragement Hyodo San decided to found his own small ‘private label’ electronics company to offer his designs to the public. Hyodo San’s philosophy is that ‘music is life’ so he named his new company Leben, which is a German word that literally means ‘to be alive’ or ‘life’.

Leben CS-300F.

The introduction to Leben amps is the CS-300F. It is an integrated amplifier with 15 watts of tube power – through the GE JAN-6197 valves previously used only for computers. They are low distortion and long life valve that Leben sourced many years ago and have been seeking the best circuit design to bring out the best performance in this clean tube.

The CS-300F is anything but “entry-level” in terms of quality! It out-performs the vast majority of amps on the market at that price, and above! 

Leben CS-300XS. 

The Leben CS-300 XS is an integrated amplifier which would be a natural choice for those looking for an amplifier which performs beautifully and seamlessly offering superb sound at a realistic price. It has a great retro classic style! CS-300XS is equipped with Sovtek EL-84 valves which are well-known by audiophiles for their high sound quality against their small size. The high input sensitivity of the EL84 does not require an overly-complicated circuit and accordingly it can create a low distortion output signal.

Leben CS-600x.

  • The CS600X is a quite phenomenal piece of high end amplification, built to last several lifetimes! Exceptional valve amplifiers, hand built in Japan to exacting standards and featuring very high quality components and valves.
  • Twin-triode tube 6CS7 for the first-stage amplification.
  • WBT type speaker terminals.
  • Heavy-duty output transformer for 50W grade amplifiers.
  • Large capacity choke-coil: 5H350mA
  • Dumper tube 6CJ3 (for Colour TV use) is applied to delay a supply of high voltage (B-Voltage) to output tubes in order to protect output tubes from damages and to longer the life.
  • All high-end audio grade electrical components (condensors, resistors)
  • Operation lamp indicator
  • Succeeding a front design of CS-300/CS-300X.
  • 24K Gold-Plated Knobs.
  • Side Wood-Panels.


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