AUDION SILVER NIGHT 300B PSE Mono-block Amplifiers


Superb sounding Mono-block amps bought new from Audiocounsel in January 2014 and in full excellent working order, fitted with the original JJ 300B valves and 4 new 6H23N valves providing 18 watts of power into 8 Ohms ( 4 – 8 ohms nominal )

Supplied in original Boxes, includes incept plug and heavy duty power cables.

This amplifier is hand built and point to point hard wired using solid silver 5 *9’s in some of the audio path, this triode based mono-block amp uses no (zero) feedback in the design, having a volume control on the front and mono inputs on the rear means that a pre-amplifier is not necessary with this unit, but is advised, these amps are all auto biased & will take almost any 300B, the 6H23P can also be replaced by 6DJ8/E88CC/6922 NOS valves which will add their unique sonic signatures.

“Musically the Silver Night Anniversary amps are a joy and will be certain to put a smile on the face of anyone who sits down and spends some time with them. The level of detail they bring in the higher frequencies is pretty stunning, but never feels overly done or tiring. They control bass wonderfully with no hint of overhang or flabbiness. And that mid-band is a thing to behold; no, I don’t think it is absolutely flat but by crikey it’s a thing to behold and it is a feature of these amps that many will pick out as being their main selling point when considered with all their other attributes. Play anything from hard rock, to banging techno, to light folk and you will be justly rewarded, with the amps just doing their thing in the background, play something you know well and with a mid-rich mix and you will be in Seventh-Heaven”


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