Audion Silvernight 300B SilverEdition



Audion Silvernight 300B Silver Edition.

This is a very rare beautiful integrated 300B valve amplifier in pristine condition. It is less than 18 months old and retailed at £4500

This particular amp has the additional five channel output.


Audion Silvernight 300B SilverEdition


This is a very rare beautiful Audion Silvernight 300B SilverEdition.It is in pristine condition, it is less than 18 months old and retailed for £4500

This particular amp has the additional five channel output. Comes with the original box and willing to ship.


About Audion Silvernight 300B SilverEdition


Since Audion started, back in 1987, they have stayed true to a simple guiding principle: to open the doorway into the world of high-end audio without forcing people to sacrifice their home or bank balance. This philosophy is as true today, as when they first started out.

The Silver Night range of amplifiers are the best known of the Audion products, and the ones that have won most awards, notably amp of the year in Japan 2010. The Audion Silvernight 300B SilverEdition gives a beautiful musical sound from the well known 300B valve & reproduces subtleties and nuances in the music that can not be found in other amps at these prices. The SN 300B hard wired was the amp originally reviewed by Sam Tellig that put Audion’s name on the map.

To celebrate Audion’s 20th Anniversary they have released a limited edition version in black aluminium with chrome highlights. The anniversary amp is hard wired, uses a larger transformer and superior audiophile quality components. This redesign produces a level of performance that is radically superior to the previous models.

What sets Audion apart from many manufacturers is Greame Hollands meticulous attention to components. The SN 300B is built primarily from components sourced from Europe & US, where possible, to avoid the use of any Chinese components. Audion place high quality components with as little sonic personality as possible into their amps in order to achieve as close to realism sound replay as is possible. Many of the components are either made specifically for Audion or by them. One example of Audion’s exacting standards is illustrated in the output transformers. Audion could not find a manufacturer to produce one, so learnt the process and now all the output transformers are wound in house.

We strongly believe these products can go toe-to toe with the world’s finest hi-fi, whilst having an affordable price tag. We strongly recommend coming along and having a listen!

Audion Silvernight 300B Review



“The Silver Nights have not misbehaved in the slightest – no hums, no buzzens, no hisses, no solid-state listening fatigue. They also have more life: not only do they let more aire in, but they also let more sunlight in – there’s more happening between and around the notes, even with digital. While listening to —-‘s system, I was conscious of little life there was – everything was damped and dead. When I went home and listened to the Silver Nights, there were light and life that went beyond delicacy, detail and transparency. These are truly extraordinary amplifiers.”

“These beauties did things straight out of the box: truth of timbre, sweetness, smoothness, detail, delicacy. And, for their rated 20Wpc, they had a surprising amount of get-up-and-go.”

“The most remarkable thing about the Silver Nights – as with other 300B amps – is truth of timbre, or tonal accuracy. This is not so much a lushness as a rightness of sound – a freedom from anything that sounds mechanical, contrived, or artificial. Of course, good recordings help; but even not-so great recordings can sound okay with this amp. I especially like listening things like old Benny Goodman, Glen Miller, and Bing Crosby records – and they sound great with the Silver Nights. What do you want me to listen to – Jennifer Warbler? Amanda McSweep? New Age? A unch of Swedes trying to play Yazz? (Sorry, Larsik.)”

“If you have a recording that sounds spacious and natural, this amp will give it to you in all its sonic splendor. Unlike some tube amps that seem to wrap everything up in a phasey haze, the Silver Nights don’t cover things up – they’re transparent. Unfortunately, they have a way of showing up other amplifers which obscure so much detail – hide it behind a whale (or “veil”, if you don’t speak Swedlich).”

“Don’t expect flabby, I-won’t-name –the-manufacturer tube bass, either – there’s nothing soggy on the bottom. Bass is tight, tuneful, and surprisingly full without being overripe, as it is with, to some degree, the McIntosh 275 Commemorative Edition (I still love the Big Mac).”

“The Silver Nights really shine in the midrange and the treble. Coupled with the truth of timbre, there’s remarkable clarity – a hear-through quality that you just have to experience. Of course, the rest of your system should be up to snuff.”

“The Silver Nights really came into their own with the ProAc Response 1s speaker. This is one of the most magical combinations I have heard in hi fi: power aplenty, a breathtakingly wide and deep soundstage with stunning precision of focus. With a great recording and performance, the Silver Nights on the ProcAcs have the power to make you weep for joy – and I mean literally.”

“When you switch over to most amps, you’ll realize how much detail you’re missing: the Silver Nights are incredibly clean, but not squeaky-clean- they’re clean without turning clinical (unless the recording is poor, in which case you’ll hear it).”

“Too bad this is such a male hobby – music-loving women (if they wern’t so intimidated and turned off by so many dealers) would love a pair of these amps. The Silver Night have plenty of WAF (wife acceptance factor). My wife freaks out about their beauty – she actually polishes them. “All the other stuff you can sell,” she said. “You keep the ProAcs and the Silver Nights, right?” “Right. – SAM TELLIG – STEREOPHILE


“The Silver Night is a detail retrieval machine which benefits almost every aspect of performance, from dynamics to dimensionality. All recordings I listened to had a layer of haze removed. Whether from the simple circuit, or point-to-point wiring, or high quality parts, or all triode tubes, the Silver Night might be the most transparent amp I’ve used.”

“The Silver Night has dimensionality in spades. On ELP’s Lucky Man, the Moog sounds were in a totally different space from the other tracks. At the end of the cut, the eerie spaciness evaporated into a space somewhere near where the back wall and ceiling met, but several feet beyond. How can four tubes and two drivers do that? We, Bob Spence and I, looked at each other with eyes wide. The Silver Night, combined with a coherent speaker, can pull out spatial cues and ambience as well as any other amp I’ve heard, making formerly tepid sounding recordings interesting.”

“There was a new sense of life imbued into mono recordings, many of which seemed pallid and lifeless played on the big system. Perhaps only the simplest of amps and speakers can decode the simplest of recordings. The Audion can definitely make a mono recording sound big and life like. Spinning the 45RPM reissues from Chad at Acoustic Sounds and Music Matters presented a master class in dimensionality. These reissues are as close to a master tape as I’ve heard.”

“On Mulligan Meets Monk (Analogue Productions AJAZ1106), Mulligan’s horn is monstrously huge, just like how a real life baritone sax should sound. The bari sax is a forceful instrument, and the Silver Night reproduced the size and scale. Mulligan was always in his own space, never wondering with volume and frequency. The overtones were wonderfully complex, making Mulligan sound as if he were in your room or you had a live microphone feed. Also, the sound of the recording studio was perfectly reproduced. You could hear the reflections in the room. You could tell the Audion very cleanly reproduced the subtle phase relationships that are necessary for a convincing image.”

“I urge you to try the Silver Night. Its combination of virtues is first-rate and its shortcomings are few. Very highly recommended!”- PHILIP HOLMES – DAGOGO


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