NEW Audio Note 4300E (300B) Valves


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NEW Audio Note 4300E (300B) Valves

We are very pleased to say we have the brand new Audio Note 300B valves in stock. After listening to these new valves, that are Audio Note designed and made, we cannot recommend these valves highly enough! These are a huge upgrade to ANY 300B equipped valve amplifier – not just Audio Note amplifiers. Valves come boxed so can be shipped, or if you would prefer us to fit them for you we are happy to do.

AN-4300E Audio Note are available as matched pairs or matched quads. If you order 8 tubes, we will supply you with 2 matched quads, as close as possible to each other.

Please note, prices all include VAT. If you would like to discuss these valves further, or arrange a demo of them, call us on 01457 875 555 or email us at


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