Densen B-300 & B-200 Power amp & Pre-Amp


There’s no denying that these two units look uncommonly smart and timeless with their perfectly rectangular looks. And also worthy of honourable mention is the impressive remote control, all metal and streets ahead of most of its breed.

The basic specification isn’t too unusual, the power amp putting out a notional 80 watts into the usual eight-ohm load, while the preamp has effectively six line inputs. There’s an unusually prolific array of phono sockets, though, not least because there are no less than four preamp outputs. There are also two record outputs and a processor in/out loop. Vinyl lovers can add an internal phono stage, converting one line input to phono. Pre-amplifying circuitry uses surface-mounted discrete transistors, arranged as neatly as soldiers on parade, with good-quality passive components and twin power transformers.

In the B-300 power amp, a large toroidal mains transformer dominates the case, while most active components are again surface-mounted. Large output transistors are thermally coupled to the base, relying on the case itself as a heatsink. Gain is switchable between high and low settings, allowing for passive preamps. The unit is easily upgradeable to drive loudspeakers via Densen’s ‘SAXO’ active crossover – the firm has long expounded the virtues of active driving.

The B300 has just been back to Densen for a service and is as good as new. Original boxes included. The B-200 is in excellent condition, but doesn’t have original box. We can still happily arrange shipping to anywhere mainland UK. Or you can pick up the B300/B200


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